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With you at every point along your supply chain.

Meeting your mission-critical supply chain needs with care and precision is what we are all about.

Your supply chain needs. Our solutions and services.

Our difference is not just the solutions we offer, it is also in the way we work with you. Our customers come to us and stay thanks to collaborative partnership that leverages our experience, expertise, and investments in technology and automation – and people who care.

Maximizing innovation and technology

We partner with leading innovators and disruptors who drive value through cutting edge technologies. The result is an effective approach that meets your unique supply chain needs.

Service Parts Logistics

We guide the processes, technology, and management of service parts distribution so it is the last thing you need to worry about.

We are dedicated to optimizing your supply chain – always with your dealers, retailers and end-users in mind – with our specialized service parts logistics solutions. Always focusing on continuous improvement to drive productivity and cost efficiencies, leading to ‘operational silence’ when it comes to managing your business.
  • Advanced forecasting and demand planning to anticipate service needs and prevent stockouts aligned to your production lifecycle
  • Strategic inventory placement to ensure the right parts are available when and where they are needed
  • Accurate and on-time order processing and fulfillment
  • Real-time visibility and tracking to monitor parts movement and delivery status
  • Streamlining repair operations to improve turnaround cycles and reduce inventory stocking level requirements
  • Harnessing innovative technology with industry leading software solutions to plan, forecast, manage, and organize inventory to optimize fill rate and customer service while minimizing inventory carrying costs
  • Integrated logistics solutions tailored to your service network and requirements
  • Advanced transportation management for efficient routing, scheduling, and parcel delivery management
  • Continuous improvement through data analysis and process optimization
  • Conducting checks for quality, assembly, and repair
  • Customer facing 360-degree dashboard built around your KPIs
  • Providing value-add services like labelling, packaging, and repackaging 
  • Consolidation and cross-docking centers  
  • Performing stock and order management
  • Meeting service commitments and reducing costly penalties
  • Environmentally friendly packaging development and shipping efficiencies

Finished Goods Distribution

Care and attention to detail are essential. That is where we excel, and we apply that approach to meet your specific finished goods distribution needs.

Experience seamless distribution of your finished goods with our comprehensive solutions. We ensure your products are packed and shipped exactly as needed, blending and directing work between people, automation, and robotics to optimize your warehousing operations.

No matter the distribution channel – B2B, B2C, or D2C – we consistently perform to meet your delivery demands quickly and efficiently. Whatever your unique requirements, we work with you to delight your customers every step of the way.

  • Optimized for effectiveness –Gate-based strategic governance processes designed to deliver results with seamless and zero-defect implementation
  • Managing your networks for reliability – Collaborative project management designed to plan, execute, and control project workstreams 
  • Proven, consistent performance – Driven by data analytics and automation, our solutions are implemented to deliver successful results

Put our expertise into action to ensure that your distribution network meets seasonal upticks and delivers products quickly, efficiently, and safely.

  • Proactive seasonal planning
  • Fully automated order fulfillment
  • Forward stocking capabilities
  • Advanced space utilization
  • Cross docks
  • Customized packaging solutions
  • Transportation management  

Inbound Logistics

We streamline every step of the inbound logistics process to ensure timely, cost-effective, and seamless movement of goods – when, where, and how it all needs to happen.

Our dedicated team specializes in a distribution and production-synchronous strategy, and flexible approaches to align labor requirements to production. With our deep industry knowledge and proven experience, we orchestrate a seamless flow of materials, allowing you to meet production schedules and customer demand with ease.

Have specific requirements? Not a problem. A few of our primary inbound logistics solutions include:

  • Just-in-time sequencing
  • Picking and remote data transmission
  • Assembly abd pre-assembly services for painted parts, engines, exhaust systems and other components
  • Wheel assembly
  • Quality needs control
  • Rework
  • Simple to complex sub-assembly
  • Kitting
  • Sequencing and line-side delivery
  • Packaging and repackaging

The inbound logistics process is complex. We have decades of experience and a team of caring experts to help you optimize your operation and take productivity to the next level.

  • Integrated systems and processes for smooth data exchange and workflow automation
  • Continuous performance monitoring and optimization to drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Proactive issue resolution and exception management to avoid disruptions
  • Collaborative approach to process improvement, leveraging insights from both internal and external stakeholders

We are obsessed with excellence

Our focus is on operational excellence founded on continuous improvement. That means we anticipate ever-changing market dynamics and adapt to meet your ever-changing needs.

Inventory Optimization

Achieve optimal balance between supply and demand with our inventory optimization solutions.

Improve end-to-end supply chain visibility, transportation costs, and overall landed costs of inventory.

Leveraging AI, advanced algorithms, data-driven insights, and 35+ years of established best practices, we help you streamline your inventory management processes, reduce carrying costs and time to delivery, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

We have helped customers save millions of dollars by identifying untapped opportunities to increase efficiencies, while reducing inventory and creating better customer experiences. Our ‘stock security’ approach not only reduces inventory costs, but ensures no parts are missing and they are always available for delivery.

Using our in-depth knowledge, advanced tools, and innovative technologies, our specialized configuration solutions simulate and evaluate possible outcomes based on thousands of adjustable parameters. We develop and implement solutions rapidly so you see results right away.

With the right mix of inventory consultation, technology, and execution, our customized solutions uncover opportunities across the breadth of your inventory: 

  • Comprehensive inventory analysis to identify excess, shortages, and slow-moving items
  • Strategic inventory segmentation and categorization for targeted management strategies
  • Forecasting and demand planning to anticipate fluctuations and minimize stockouts
  • Optimized replenishment strategies to reduce excess inventory and carrying costs
  • Demand-driven inventory optimization
  • Effective sales, inventory, operations planning, and execution
  • Performance monitoring and analytics including our unique service loss analysis tool to drive root cause identification for customer service gaps

Our tools and technology give you the information you need to put your inventory strategy into action.

  • Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize inventory levels
  • Drive your sales, inventory, and operations planning with our data models
  • Integrate with leading inventory management software for real-time visibility and control
  • Monitor and adjust inventory parameters to align with changing demand patterns

Our advanced tools and technology give you the information you need to set your strategy and optimize inventory, helping you evaluate:

  • Network configuration changes
  • Shifting business conditions
  • Sourcing strategies and lead-time impacts
  • Customer service policy updates
  • Long-term strategic objectives
  • Stocking strategies
  • Value proposition for fill rate and inventory improvements
  • System customizations


Designed to optimize your supply chain flow, our cross-dock services ensure swift and seamless transfers of goods, reducing handling costs, and enhancing overall efficiency.

With years of expertise in logistics management and a deep understanding of supply chain dynamics, we provide synchronized cross-dock operations that meet your ever-evolving distribution requirements. We expertly help improve speed and transportation costs in the supply chain from your OEM vendor to the distribution point.

We ensure every step is executed with precision and efficiency to meet your unique operational requirements. That includes, for example, combining multiple vendor shipments into single truckloads moving to your distribution centers. The result is reduced transportation costs and the risk of damage, as well as faster time to market with your products.

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring for enhanced visibility and control
  • Customizable cross-docking solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation services to streamline cargo flow
  • Reduce less-than-truckload transportation costs through effective vendor consolidation
  • Rapid unloading and loading processes for minimal dwell times
  • Cross-docking technology integration for automated sorting and routing
  • Expert handling of various cargo types and sizes, ensuring safe and efficient transfers
  • Vendor management tools ensure shipping and routing guidelines to drive ongoing vendor compliance

Your career.
Handled with care.

Our relentless focus on continuous improvement and operational excellence creates an environment where you can maximize your potential while working with equally dedicated colleagues from around the world.

Network Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with our network optimization solutions.

Harnessing advanced analytics to gain strategic insights, we fine-tune your distribution network structure to minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and drive unparalleled performance across your entire operations. From network design to ongoing performance monitoring, we empower you to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Comprehensive network analysis to identify inefficiencies and opportunities
  • Strategic network design and restructuring for optimal flow and resource utilization
  • Mode optimization to optimize transportation costs and transit times
  • Inventory optimization to minimize holding costs while maximizing service levels
  • Customized network review that aligns with your needs instead of traditional, cookie-cutter models
  • Optimal network strategy that addresses your growth, risk management, strategic vision, sustainability goals, and overall supply chain cost efficiency
  • Data-driven decision-making powered by advanced analytics and modeling
  • Collaborative approach to strategy development and implementation
  • Continuous monitoring and refinement to adapt to evolving market dynamics
  • Integration with leading technology platforms for seamless execution and visibility

Transportation Management

Years of know-how combined with our highly collaborative approach is how we deliver transportation management solutions to help drive your bottom line.

We specialize in developing tailored solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize costs across your entire transportation network. From route optimization to freight consolidation, we leverage advanced technology and vast industry experience to streamline your transportation processes.

We are not a transportation carrier. Instead, as an unbiased, pure play, contract logistics provider, we focus on applying our technical knowledge and expertise on strategic procurement. With an extensive portfolio of transportations suppliers, we specialize in delivering flexible, efficient, best-in-class solutions to meet even the most complex needs.

Whatever your unique requirements, we are committed to delivering superior transportation management services that exceed your expectations.

  • Strategic route optimization to minimize miles and reduce fuel consumption
  • Carrier selection and negotiation to secure competitive rates and reliable service
  • Freight consolidation and optimization for cost-effective shipments
  • Real-time tracking and visibility to monitor shipment status and proactively manage exceptions
  • Accurate freight audit and payment to gain end-to-end visibility into transportation costs
  • Transportation consolidation to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Route planning, carrier selection, transport consolidation, and shipment tracking
  • Informed decision-making with real-time shipping tracking

Put our sector experience to work for you


From design to take-off, keeping up with the critical dynamics of the aerospace industry is an ongoing logistics challenge. We bring speed and precision to aerospace supply chains.


From the production line to vital service parts delivery, automotive supply chains are essential to our every day lives. We provide stability and reliability.


Meeting customer expectations and managing seasonality requirements can challenge the performance of retail and e-commerce supply chains. Our customizable and innovative solutions help you stay flexible and nimble.


In the industrial manufacturing sector, complexity is a given and cost reduction is a priority. Our proven and relentless focus on continuous improvement help you overcome every obstacle.


With relentless innovation and overnight advances, the challenges of the technology industry require expertise and agility. We have the experience to help keep your operations humming.

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Ready to learn more about Neovia?
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Neovia is a global leader in third-party logistics operating more than 80 facilities in 19 countries around the world. For more than 30 years Neovia has combined an OEM mindset with real-world innovation to partner with and solve complex logistic challenges for leading companies in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and technology sectors.

Neovia recognizes the support our colleagues contribute to the success of our global business. The welfare and safety of our people is of paramount importance to us.

The fact that modern day slavery exists at all is of great concern to us and we are determined to be part of the movement to eradicate it. To this end, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of ethics and integrity alongside a zero tolerance policy toward forced or trafficked labor within our business and throughout our supply chain.

We will deliver on this commitment by being open and transparent with all our stakeholders about our zero tolerance approach to modern day slavery.