Supply Chain & Inventory Simulation Capabilities

Turn unknowns into quantifiable goals that produce the greatest value with simulation technology and expertise from Neovia. For more than 25 years, companies in many industries have used Neovia’s simulation capabilities to save millions of dollars in inventory management, network optimization and more. Our simulations identify opportunities to reduce costs, inventory and fixed assets, while you improve order fill rates and accuracy.

At the heart of our capabilities is the Neovia Simulator for use with SAP® Service Parts Planning.* This proprietary technology simulates outcomes from the thousands of adjustable parameters that SAP Service Parts Planning offers and then provides the exact parameters you need to dial into the software to reach desired performance goals.

The Art of the Possible

The Neovia Simulator offers a global approach to optimize parts availability and inventory.  Whether you want to improve the ongoing performance of SAP Service Parts Planning or are installing it for the first time, the Simulator determines achievable results, optimizes configurations and mitigates risks. It helps your team evaluate:

  • Network configuration changes
  • Shifting business conditions
  • Sourcing strategies and lead-time impacts
  • Customer service policy updates
  • Long-term strategic objectives
  • Stocking strategies
  • Value proposition for fill rate and inventory improvements
  • System customizations

Simulator Subscription Service fact sheet - download

You provide the strategy, goals and known impacts to your supply chain. Your Neovia team uses the Simulator to consider stock evaluation, forecasting, requirement planning, receipts, deployments and more, emphasizing transaction-driven areas and constraints. It is the only technology available that determines the impacts ahead of time for constraints in any combination and delivers the exact parameters your company needs.

No One Knows Simulation Like Neovia

Neovia Logistics drew on more than 50 years of supply-chain simulation experience and our origins as Caterpillar Logistics to create the Simulator. SAP Service Parts Planning itself is the result of a joint venture between Caterpillar Logistics, Ford Motor Company and SAP to create a state-of-the-art service parts planning and management solution. From theoretical modeling in the 1960s, to multi-echelon network transactional simulation in the 1990s, and inventory planning simulation today, Neovia has been at the forefront of this technology from the very beginning.

* SAP® Service Parts Planning is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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