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Outstanding logistics solutions depend on the robustness and breadth of your 3PL’s operating system. Every major logistics provider has such a system. The question is, how well do they use it?

Neovia delivers its logistics solutions through the comprehensive governance process and operating platform we call the Neovia Operating System (NOS). Two fundamental factors set it apart:

  • NOS is a metric-driven, continuous improvement system fully embedded in every Neovia facility and used by every Neovia employee around the world every day.

  • NOS is an operating platform built on our manufacturing heritage. We created it using operational language and an industrial perspective that is possible only from having come from those origins ourselves.

NOS aligns with your operations, as well as ISO 9001 policies and brings immediate control to the transition period. It provides the processes for how our facilities continuously improve for you, our customer. It is the formal system that enables us to support your goals and cost initiatives and the way we share best practices.

NOS is built on operational excellence:

  • Put safety first
  • Identify and eliminate waste from excess motion and rework
  • Adhere to standards
  • Use lean and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Reduce inventory through minimized work-in-process
  • Enhance employee skills through training
  • Optimize workforce utilization

Standardization = Stabilization

No one likes the uncertainty of change, whether it’s the transition to a new system or the incremental shifts that evolving business brings. Our goal with NOS is to make every step of our logistics solutions as repeatable and stable as possible, from day one, to year one and far beyond. That brings control, which makes it easier to spot opportunities for improvement. It also brings you immediate benefits as our logistics solutions begin to do their work.

Unparalleled Focus on KPIs

Neovia is dedicated to focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) as they relate to each solution we execute for you. This is how we produce world-class year-over-year improvements for our customers in quality, safety, productivity and, ultimately, their own customers’ satisfaction.

We globally standardize KPIs, focusing on people, quality, velocity and cost (PQVC) using our PQVC dashboard and centralized proprietary Enterprise Reporting System, which not only universally aligns goals and provides immediate data, but offers many other powerful advantages, including the flexible incorporation of your metrics. Reporting is global, and so is continuous improvement as a result.

The foundation of NOS is a consistent set of three integrated support processes:

  • The operating system focuses on identifying and eliminating waste using Six Sigma and lean tools. It also defines the facility’s physical layout and materials movement.

  • The cultural system makes change possible and improves the way we work. We encourage our people to share ideas to enhance the process.

  • The management system creates the measurements and structure to support continuous improvement (CI). It is about coaching, rewarding CI and clearly communicating the customer’s expectations and what is required to meet them.

This intertwining of culture and management is unique to Neovia. It drives our truly process-driven culture.

The Lean Six Sigma Advantage

NOS is a lean Six Sigma quality management system. It also aligns NOS with ISO 9001.

We have Global Master Black Belt expertise supporting our facilities, with 50 active and embedded certified Black Belts. We have 500 trained and embedded green belts – with even more attaining this level at our facilities around the world. One hundred percent of our employees are Yellow-Belt trained. Warehouse improvement leaders and champions are active on every site to sponsor improvement projects, and everyone has a lean Six Sigma toolbox to use.

Power in Metrics

Neovia’s metrics reporting far surpasses that of other logistics companies’ operating systems, with NOS measuring more than four-dozen metrics in every warehouse around the world every day. Our metrics are based on decades of benchmarking that we have completed for our clients, as well as those we prescribe and develop to meet each client’s specific needs.

We track daily, weekly and monthly cycles of metrics and evaluate when and where targets are met or missed. We use root cause corrective action on those that fall outside of tolerance levels or create a negative trend. Quick action brings them back in line with targets.

Witness For Yourself

This is just the beginning of what distinguishes the Neovia Operating System and Neovia’s logistics solutions. As you weigh your options for logistics services, be sure to visit providers’ facilities. Chances are, they will show you their best examples. Ask them if all of their facilities, systems and people operate using that same system.

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