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Not having the right part in the right place at the right time impacts every element of your supply chain. It leads to downtime of expensive equipment, creates dissatisfied customers and leaves money on the table. Inventory control services, what most logistics companies call inventory management, can manage current material in warehouses, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Neovia’s inventory management (IM) solutions are the most comprehensive and effective asset services in the logistics industry. We optimize your inventory and minimize obsolescence at every level for greater competitive advantage and maximized profitability. We offer a unique mix of strategy, best-in-class technology – including powerful, proprietary simulation processes – and more than 25 years of experience delivering IM best practices to companies in multiple industries.

What’s more, Neovia is so confident in the results we can deliver with our simulation technology, that we will contractually commit to agreed levels of performance. No other logistics company offers this advantage.

Neovia IM solutions include:

Collaboration – We combine your business and product knowledge with our People, Processes and Technology approach to leverage proven expertise while delivering customized solutions. Your inventory will be effectively managed throughout its lifecycle from new-part introduction to end-of-life.

Strategy – Neovia’s simulation technology gives you the luxury of selecting the customer service and inventory investment to support your business goals while clarifying the associated costs of the total supply chain. You will know your optimized metrics before implementation. Compare that clarity to the more time-consuming, yet standard, approach of using trial-and-error to configure IM software.

Forecasting and Inventory Planning – Plan for every one of the parts within your network using Neovia’s industry-leading technology. Fewer parts need manual review, which frees up manpower.

Replenishment and Deployment – Neovia’s expertise and tools help you achieve flexible allocation of available material throughout global, multi-echelon networks – a must for meeting today’s variable supply and demand.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics – Gain a detailed view of your business and the real world situation to make timely and effective decisions. Neovia analytics quickly breaks down and evaluates data for systematically determining the root cause of declining fill rates and service loss. We combine millions of data elements and transactions for analysis across your supply chain to understand trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Neovia offers three levels of IM support to meet your company’s needs:

Integrated Logistics – Enjoy maximum overall performance as we manage your inventory, warehousing, system and transportation needs. We use a highly collaborative, integrative approach, freeing you to focus on your company’s core competencies.

Inventory Management Services – Achieve peak performance of your in-house inventory management with Neovia IM services and technology.

The Simulator Subscription – Leverage your company’s investment in SAP® Service Parts Planning software.* We provide ongoing services with our proprietary simulation software to help you realize results that would be impossible to achieve efficiently in-house.

* SAP® Service Parts Planning is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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