Reduce Inventory Cost for Superior Supply Chain Performance

Neovia’s Inventory Accuracy and Control solutions can help you achieve tangible and significant improvements to your inventory metrics with immediate results. Our methodology stands out in the industry for being highly accurate, efficient and focused on continuous improvement for smooth project start-ups and dramatic improvement of current operations.

The best way to improve your inventory processes is to know how your facilities currently perform. Through our facility assessment services, we work with customers, across all industries, to evaluate their inventory accuracy processes.  We do this through a review of inbound, outbound and inventory validation processes along with sample auditing. The result is a solutions plan with specific process improvement initiatives, key deliverables, benefits and facility recommendations.

We offer:

  • Facility assessments
  • Inventory validation
    • Statistical test counts (STCs)
    • Cycle count program
    • Full physical inventory
  • Inventory control audits (smart audits)
  • Start up, transfer and takeover support
  • Mergers and acquisitions risk evaluation
  • Inventory recoveries
  • Data analysis
  • Research and development

Weigh Your Inventory Audit Options Carefully

It pays to evaluate the impact that inventory audits can have on your business before you choose a provider and an approach. The industry standard is to conduct a cycle count or full physical audit, which can be reactive, expensive and labor intensive. In addition to requiring excessive auditing, full physical audits rely on a single inventory accuracy metric, which fails to track improvements or declines in facility performance. This activity can actually introduce errors due to the limited metrics and the absence of a mechanism to identify root cause and corrective action.

Accuracy is Our Highest Priority

Neovia’s proactive audit approach uses statistical sampling to achieve superior inventory accuracy levels. Our procedures achieve accuracy levels of 99.8 percent or higher for the storage and availability of transferred material. That translates into exceptional outbound metrics and customer service for you.

Statistical test counts and smart audits are at the core of our solution. We employ proprietary processes and technology to identify root cause and provide prescriptive actions for improvement.

The Neovia statistical test count approach is:

  • A process co-developed by Neovia and a leading independent auditor to meet inventory validation requirements

  • A set of state-of-the-art statistical stratification and extrapolation methods that produce a point-in-time view of inventory accuracy while minimizing labor costs associated with counts

  • Mathematically and statistically proven for use across all industries

  • Accepted by auditors around the world. U.S. independent auditors have endorsed our system for more than 40 years, while auditors globally have endorsed it for more than 10 years

Inventory Accuracy

There are times when a full physical inventory audit or cycle counting program is the best option. Neovia can independently manage and administer a full physical inventory activity or cycle count program when required by law, auditors or at the request of executive management.


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