Complete C-suite buy-in 'often forgotten' in designing supply chain continuous improvement programs

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Support of top leadership not directly involved with initiative is often overlooked, according to Neovia guide published in Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport benchmarking newsletter

DESFORD, UK March 2014 – Continuous improvement (CI) programs for supply chain operations are often designed without consulting an important stakeholder, the exclusion of whom can make or break deployment and adoption.

“Without thinking, continuous improvement program designers often overlook the leaders of functions that don’t logically overlap with the initiative such as Human Resources, Purchasing and Finance,” said Justin Collingwood, a project manager for Neovia who is one of the core team working on the ongoing development of the company’s operating system.

“Gaining the input and support of these seemingly uninvolved departments early on, however, increases the chances of the CI program succeeding,” he added.

“Not only are potential objections identified and addressed, but departments can weigh in on how they can contribute to the effort. At the very least leaders can cascade to their people. CI becomes more than just ‘an Operations thing’ then; it becomes an initiative every person in the organization has a stake in.”

This insight was among several offered in Neovia’s Five Questions to Ask in Designing a Continuous Improvement Programme. The slideshow was published this month in LogMark, the newsletter of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

The Neovia Operating System, based on Six Sigma and Lean principles, has been deployed in 25 countries. The system aims to increase productivity and reduce waste in eight areas ranging from inventory to employee creativity.

Neovia, a member of CILT since 2011, will be hosting LogMark’s next benchmark meeting on Wednesday, April 2nd, in Desford. Collingwood and  Dean Marlow, Vice President for NOS, EHS and Security, will be giving a talk on CI implementation methodologies. The presentation will be followed by an open forum.

LogMark is one of the many initiatives of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the leading organisation for logistics and supply chain professionals in the UK.

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