Consumer Electronics Manufacturer


Neovia and this client began our partnership when we commenced operating the customer’s 400,000 square foot Midwest distribution center near Chicago, Illinois. The challenges that Neovia was to address included:

  • Shortening delivery lead times to retail customers
  • Reducing the number of third party providers in the supply chain
  • Streamlining and standardizing work processes
  • Improving logistics execution and visibility
  • Providing superior customer service
  • Targeting Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the following levels:
    - Inventory Accuracy: 99.99%
    - Shipping Accuracy: 99.75%
    - Order Cycle Time: 98.0%

Neovia worked with our client’s team to examine warehousing, distribution and transportation management operations to meet our client’s logistics needs.



After a thorough analysis of our client’s business requirements, technology needs and processes, Neovia proposed a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Integrating the client’s ERP system with our proprietary Warehouse Management System
  • Utilizing the client’s KPI’s as benchmarks, and providing daily reports to the client
  • Appointing a dedicated Account Manager to manage inbound, storage and outbound operations
  • Optimizing and consolidating orders to drive out costs
  • Implementing serial number capture at both ends of the operation to better track inventory
  • Processing freight returns to reduce delays and congestion in the supply chain and ordering process
  • Utilizing a Neovia team to provide quality control at the warehouse
  • Providing capacity flexibility up to 100% during volume peaks



This partnership has focused on delivering the best end result for the customer. The on-going efforts at Neovia have yielded a number of benefits for our client, including:

  • Shipping orders within 24 hours of receipt
  • Full visibility throughout the client’s supply chain
  • Improved communications
  • Average throughput has more than doubled since inception from 200,000 cases per month to 400,000 cases per month
  • Meeting or exceeding KPIs determined at outset of client engagement

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