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Technology Logistics

Companies throughout the technology industry depend on high-velocity logistics to compete effectively. From the increasing rate and proliferation of new-product introductions, to global-sourcing challenges and consumer whims, it is more important than ever to intelligently plan and manage inventory, improve upon customer delivery times and manage fixed overhead costs.

Neovia offers technology logistics solutions that meet your needs and help solve some of your most pressing concerns. Many 3PLs rely on the customer to plan inventory. We offer the most comprehensive inventory management solutions in the business and work with you to determine correct inventory levels and shipping plans. With our numerous global locations, we also help you achieve the right combination of on-shoring and near-shoring to balance high-cost yet convenient markets with less-expensive markets where cut-off and transportation times can be a challenge. Many of our technology clients trust us so extensively with their inventory that they have us plan and effectively own inventory, freeing them to focus on their core business.

To reduce fixed overhead costs, we work with you to weigh options and choose the right one. From stand-alone, single-customer facilities to variable, multi-tenant models, and even all-in-one options where fulfillment and repair are completed in one location, we can show you effective ways to reduce facility, labor and transportation costs.

Neovia works with component, computer, consumer and telecom manufacturers, OEMs, ODMs, technology retailers and technology/industrial manufacturers.

We offer sector-focused logistics solutions:

Telecom Infrastructure – Project-based solutions that are pre-configured and scalable to improve time-to-market and reduce risk of deployment for our customers.

Telecom Operators – Integrated outsourcing solutions for product and services with consistent country platforms to serve both country and regional decision-makers.

Consumer Electronics – We bring these customers scalable solutions to balance costs with flexibility to grow with them in emerging markets, while meeting the needs of supply chain collaboration, visibility and security.

Computing Companies – We provide outstanding and highly reliable inbound, kitting, warehousing and SPL solutions.

Among our individual solutions are:

Forward Logistics

  • Fulfillment (pick, pack and ship)
  • Returns management
  • Merge in transit
  • Vendor-managed inventory

Add-Ons and Value-Added Services

  • Kitting and packaging
  • Configuration
  • Assembly
  • Staging and deployment
  • Technical screening and distribution
  • L1 diagnostics and repair/FRU swap
  • RTV/Warranty management
  • Asset recovery
  • Remarket of returns
  • Recycling
  • Customer service

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