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About Neovia Logistics

Neovia means a new path – a new way of thinking about how a logistics provider can help your business grow.

Neovia is a global, industrial contract logistics company. We continuously reduce the cost of our customers’ supply chains through nimble, state-of-the art solutions, designed and implemented by professionals with unparalleled expertise in supply chain optimization. From comprehensive inventory management and dynamic warehousing to outstanding job-site and inbound-to-manufacturing services, we approach logistics from our customers’ point of view.

Our company’s leaders come from various corners of the industry. They share a determination to provide you with truly effective logistics solutions that far surpass the industry standard to reveal what logistics grounded in true continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology can do.

What’s more, our values are based on hard work, honesty and an openness to challenge convention with new ideas. Collaborate with us to find the best practices that will take your business’ productivity to a whole new level.

Neovia’s global presence:

  • 6 continents
  • 25 countries
  • 118 customer locations
  • Shipping to 190+ countries


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